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Giraffe / Hippo 2-up Matted Hologram Picture, Collectible Polaroid Photopolymer

Giraffe / Hippo 2-up Matted Hologram Picture, Collectible Polaroid Photopolymer

$ 10.00

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

EXTREMELY COOL TRUE 3D HOLOGRAM ART. This hologram was created in the laboratory of Polaroid Holographics in Cambridge MA in the 1980s (which closed in the mid 1990s). The image was created from a 2 models grouped together to form a single exposure. This is an very 3D two-channel true film hologram and must be viewed under a quality illumination source to be seen in it's full glory, which can be direct sunlight (not in shadow or behind a cloud), halogen light, streetlamp at night, single LED etc. It will work in diffuse such as fluorescent or shadow light but not well. This hologram contains 2 unique images grouped together, the Hippo is 2-channel. Top is the Hippo that opens its mouth in the second channel, bottom if a group of Giraffes. Superbly crafted original models help make this a truly fine true 3D model type hologram. The hologram is actually 3.2" square but only 3" is showing through the black paperboard matte, each individual hologram image is almost 1.5" high X 3" wide, matted with outside dimensions are 5" X 7". The film color is red, though the hologram is a green/gold monochromatic image. This image is matted and packaged in a clear cello protective wrap. We have quite a number of these on hand so will be re-listing and offering the same image eventually as other products as well. If you have any interest in holograms, this is a must-have for a great price! Thanks for your interest. Holograman


  • Original/Reproduction: True Laser Scan Reproduction from Original Master
  • Subject: Animals - Giraffe and Hippopotamus
  • Style: Realism
  • Type of Art: Hologram - Holographic - True 3D Hologram
  • Size: 5" X 7" (in matte)
  • Date of Creation: 1980s/1990s
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