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Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

EXTREMELY COOL 3D HOLOGRAM image of a MOBIUS GEOMETRIC loop. This 5" diameter round hologram (set into an 8" X 10" black standard matte size) was created in the long defunct Simian Laboratory on the most advanced system for creating embossed type stereo-grams ever actualized for commercial use. The founder and innovator of this lab, Ken Hanes, was responsible for the 3 images gracing the covers of National Geographic in the 1980s, as well as the original Visa and Mastercard holograms. The Mobius image art was created by an expert and visionary computer graphic artist, Linda Law, which she rendered on a dual SGI workstation as 200 frames of 3D image. The Simian System translated this information using a commercial twist on one of the early uses of rainbow holography, known as a Stereogram. This computer generated sterogram has the addition cool factor of being color tuned, so that under a good lightsource and at the correct viewing angle, the colors are accurate as originally created and seem to scintilate on the surface of the virtual representation of a Mobius Loop.. As the image (or viewer) moves side to side, Mobius swings far left and right giving a feel that it projects into the viewer space with a total of more than 4" of depth!!

  • Hologram Technique: EMBOSSED RAINBOW CGI
  • Hologram Film Type: METALIZED POLYESTER
  • Hologram Size: 5" Diameter
  • Matte and/or Frame Size: 8" X 10"
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