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Nautilus Shell Matted Hologram Picture, 3D Embossed Type

Nautilus Shell Matted Hologram Picture, 3D Embossed Type

$ 80.00

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

EXTREMELY RARE AND COOL 3D HOLOGRAM. This is an original embossing from steel to steel rollers no longer employed in the industry. We may go back to press with this in the future but the quality will never be as clean and good, and we have only a handful of these originals left so we have substantially increased the price to reflect the conductibility. Image of a Nautilus Shell. This 6" square hologram (set into an 8" X 10" black standard matte size) was created from a lovely open sided actual Nautilus shell the same size that the final image portrays. As the image (or viewer) moves, the shell seem to swivel in space to create a very realistic image of the shell. As it is an achromatic image, the shell surface is very realistic in color and sheen. Place under a halogen spotlight, single LED or other point source to view the amazing depth of this hologram. As I have the only master for this image, a limited quantity left, and unsure if I will ever rerun it, I have increased the price on this item. If you have any interest in holograms or seashells, this is a must-have for a great price! Thanks for your interest. Holograman


  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.2 inches
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