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$ 25.00

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

TRUE COLLECTIBLE HOLOGRAM, EXTREMELY DEEP AND AMAZING!! Though all the photopolymer holograms we offer are long out of production and therefore have collectible value, this image is part of our selection created by expert holographer Lon Moore, which are available in lower quantities (when avaiable inventory drops under 20, prices will rise dramatically). Saturn has the greatest depth on the viewer side of the film plane of any we offer, the ring seeming to project into the viewer space over 3"!! This true 3D photopolymer type hologram was replicated at the long defunct Polaroid Holographics laboratory. This image is a very bright and stunning hologram for it's size, with both vertical and horizontal parallax (apparent motion in space). Like all deep image holograms, this must be viewed under direct sunlight (not in shadow), halogen light, streetlamp at night or single LED. Saturn is a must have for anyone interested in space or good holography in general.

  • Hologram Technique: REFLECTION
  • Hologram Film Type: PHOTOPOLYMER
  • Hologram Size: 3.5" X 5"
  • Matte and/or Frame Size: 5" X 7"
  • Amazing Depth and Realism
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