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Shakespeare Matted Hologram Picture, 3D Embossed Type Animated Stereogram

Shakespeare Matted Hologram Picture, 3D Embossed Type Animated Stereogram

$ 30.00

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

EXTREMELY COOL 3D HOLOGRAM image of Shakespeare. This 6" square hologram (set into an 8" X 10" black standard matte size) was created by one of the world's leading holographers in the late 1980's. The image is of the Bard Himself (well, actually that would be a bit gory, so a fine impersonator was hired for the shot!). The method for creating this was a commercialized twist on one of the early uses of rainbow holography, it is a Stereogram (sometimes called a Multiplexer after the first commercial film studio creating them). This image has the addition cool factor of being one of the first color tuned embossed stereograms, so that under a good lightsource and at the correct viewing angle, the colors are correct (skin tone, red tunic, etc.). As the image (or viewer) moves side to side, the Bard seems to be speaking as he places his finger to his cheek... To Be or Not To Be... Immortalized in a hologram, is no longer the question! In our opinion, this is the one of the best examples of an embossed rainbow film footage stereogram ever produced. If you have any interest in holograms or Shakespeare, this is a must-have for a great price! Thanks for your interest. Holograman


  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.2 inches
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